Saturday, February 18, 2012

Harold Davisson

We had two major estate auctions in Seward today. One at the 4-H building and the other at the Ag Pavilion, a couple blocks away down at the Fair Grounds. My bidding number was 225 at the 4-H building and 285 at the other. We haven't had many auctions this winter so there was a good turnout and things sold well. I spent a total of $15.44 (with tax) on two items; a collection of 12 farm directories and 9 of Harold Davisson's publications. I knew that we had several of them but not all so I enjoyed bidding. Of the 9, we had all but 2 including the one pictured. We now have copies on nearly everything Budd published. I spent the biggest share of the afternoon reading this book. It contains over 200 "stories" written by him between 1985-'90, but about many things that happened earlier. His stories are a great way to "catch up" on many things that happened during the years we were gone from Seward. I am even referred to in a couple of his stories for "having the largest Polka phonograph record collection of anyone in the Washington, D.C. area" and for having kept a Diary or Journal. Davission's books are not fancy, they didn't go through any rigorous technical edit, they may even contain some errors of fact, but the important things is, he "wrote it down"  and he got it published for us and future generations to enjoy. He overcome the old adage that: "Perfection is the greatest enemy of very good".  Thanks Budd.

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