Friday, February 3, 2012

Family Reunion 1980

An interesting thing about being retired is that you can let one thing lead to something else without it disrupting your days schedule. Elaine had a phone call from a cousin in California this afternoon that prompted our need to look for a picture.  Elaine wanted to send her a copy. In the process of looking for that picture, I came across this one that was taken on August 10, 1980. This picture included all of my folks' family at that time. Since then, some have departed and many others have come on to the scene. What struck me was that Dad was about 3 years younger then than I am now. Mother would have just celebrated her 80th birthday and just the other day, Janice told of getting the cake on fire while lighting the 80 candles on the cake. Now when I get this posted, I may "wonder" in to some other task. I've already completed my "one productive thing" for the day by installing a new switch so there's nothing scheduled until the City Awards Dinner this evening.

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