Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New '92 Buick

This picture was taken 20 years ago after driving home our new 1992 Buick LaSabre. Had we taken a similar picture this morning, after Elaine and I were back home after taking things to the recycle center, it would look very much the same. I don't have the cap anymore but believe the shirt and jacket are still in the closet. I'm sure Elaine still has the blue coat. The old car has served us well through its 154,000+ miles. It gets driven less than 2,000 miles/year but seldom misses a day of being taken out of the garage. While driving, I am currently listening to a cassette tape that I put together. It includes some polka music, Willie Nelson, and others. Oh, there are a few things on it that don't work anymore but I can relate to that. I'm optistic enough to have filled the car's gas tank again the other day and we are still buying green banannas.

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  1. I've turned over 274,000+ on our 1996 Lincoln Town Car and just found a 2007 silver one so am going up to Modesto to get it tomorrow. I found the ad in the paper - 68,800 miles on it - seems to be in great condition - and got it for less than blue book price. Anxious to get it home - will use the old one for a hostel car this summer. So will be ideal with the huge trunkand 5 seat belts in addition to the driver.