Tuesday, February 14, 2012


What you see here is a Kindle Keyboard 3G with Wi-Fi. I brought it home after participating in the Library Board meeting this afternoon. I'm not aware of all our Seward Library has and makes available to patrons to check out, but I will have this until February 28. I don't know if I can get it figured out in that length of time but will have the challenge of trying. I don't really expect to get a book read but do want to explore the Internet connection possibilities. I believe I can use my Windstream account and send messages on the Kindle while riding down the road (with Elaine driving) but I'm not sure. This model is priced at $189.00 but with special offers it can be bought for $139.00 and Amazon has 9 used ones for $95.00. I also checked out, "The Robe" by Lloyd Douglas which Elaine read while in High School and wanted to read again. So tonight after getting home from my meeting with the Seward Aging Commission, we are having a very romantic Valentine's Day evening. She is reading "The Robe" and I'm playing with the Kindle. We haven't even turned on the TV.

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