Monday, February 27, 2012

Down on the Farm

It has been nearly 30 years since a group of Seward County people hosted a "Down on the Farm with Charlie Thone" day at out farm during the summer of 1982. It was a fund raising event and part of his campaign for reelection as Governor of Nebraska. He and Ruthie had come back and served one term after several terms as the 1st Congressional District Representative in Congress. Elaine and I had become acquainted with the Thones back in D.C.  plus I had a close working relationship with his office as Director of Planning for the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission. We had no doubt but what he would be reelected. But, we didn't know Bob Kerrey at the time.
It was a great afternoon. A tent had been set up where an auction was held, musical entertainment was provided and there were some speeches. Our front porch was the "stage" which was decorated with the proper banners. A friend in California sent me a great picture of Ronald Reagan which I framed with barn boards to include in the decorations. Ruthie loved our old farmhouse. We had bales of straw arraigned to spell the initials C T on the front yard for people to set on. I look back on those times and felt I supported the administration I worked for as a career, non partisan employee. Maybe I was naive but it seemed that both parties were more moderate than today. Now I hear that Bob Kerrey may still decide to run for the Nebraska Senate seat being vacated by Nelson.

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