Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Iron Lady

Our weekly Seward Independent comes in the Wednesday mail and this afternoon we looked though it while having coffee, white coconut cake and ice cream. The paper has an 8 by 8 inch, colored, above the fold, front page picture and story of Seward girl Amy Heidemann, her fiance Nick Noonan, and their appearance on Saturday Night Live. While reading the story, I came across a Rivoli movie ad indicating "The Iron Lady" was being shown at 3:50 this afternoon. We decided to go. Meryl Streep has long been one of our favorites and her performance as Margaret Thatcher is outstanding. We also admired Thatcher  during the 80's as England's Prime Minister. She and President Ronald Reagan had a lot in common. She is now 86 years old and suffering with Alzheimer's for some time. The movie is a series of "flash-backs" during her life including the past few years of having difficulty comprehending reality. The movie is well done but we don't like to see our "heroes" in the condition to which she apparently has declined. Meryl Streep demonstrated her mastery of accent, language and acting skills but the make-up artist who were able to change her appearance as they did, are real magicians.

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