Friday, February 24, 2012

Old Friends

In the fall of 1987, Elaine and I took Willard and Audrey Kilzer along and drove our Motor home to Kenora, Ontario. We had reservations to be picked up there and flown about 35 miles NE to the Delaney Lodge. We drew lots to determine which couple got the most primitive cabin and we won. We got out fishing the first day we arrived and for the next 3 days we were there. While the Bass and Northern fishing was excellent, the shore lunches were probably the highlight. The Indian guides would clean the fish, build the campfire on a small island in the English river, fire the fish, and heat up the spaghettio's. Fish never tasted so good. Willard and I grew up on adjacent farms along Oak Creek in the "Bohemian Alps" north of Garland. We shared many "growing up" experiences. And our paths were never very far apart even though some distance separated us for a while. I can say that we have known each other for 80 years. Is it any wonder that when we see each other monthly or so, that we always have a question for each other to confirm some memory of shared experiences.

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