Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Unique Pine Tree

We have lost numerous trees at the Seward Country Club during the past few years and more are on their way out. This one is close to the #3 Tee Box and the Driving Range. I have no idea what happened to eliminate the normal "leader" and cause the limbs to branch out as they have. It's uniqueness has been a conversation piece over the years among people playing the course for the first time. Though efforts were made earlier to save the Pines , the damage has become so prevalent that their fate is being accepted and new "non-susceptible" replacements are being planted.  While it is impossible to replace a picturesque specimen like this one, something may be salvaged. I have talked to the Groundskeeper about just cutting off the upper branches and leave remaining everything within 5-6' of the ground. I'm sure the "stump" would stay in place for a number of years without the need for maintenance.  That is, unless the ladies decided to set a flower pot on top of each of the stumps limbs to give it the apprearance of a candelabrum.                                     

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