Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Small Town Friends & Cherry Pie

Tony, Verlon, Tim and Jon in front of our house in Fairfax, VA in 1979. I planned to use this picture and write about a heavy subject but just didn't have the time because of it being a busy day. It included morning coffee with my friends, golf with Charlie, a Dental appointment, Library Board meeting and Seward Aging Services Board meeting this evening. My days activities prompts me to acknowledge how fortunate we are in being able to live in our small, home town. We are further fortunate in having a daughter, her daughter and their husbands also living here. I only wish our 3 boys were near-by instead of being in Virginia and Indiana. But today was an outstanding day for being able to work with friends in the process of doing our civic duty. Coffee is always a great "sounding board" for ideas and an opportunity to learn from a different perspective; Charlie and I get our physical exercise and humility in shape playing golf. While waiting for Elaine after I was through at the Dentist, I had the opportunity to visit with people and catch-up on mutual friends that we hadn't seen for some time. I am also meeting and working with new, young friends in my involvement with the Library Board. This evening after our Seward Aging Services meeting Nita told of the last wishes of a lady that just passed away after having celebrated her 99th birthday last week and didn't ever want to be 100. Then Dean and I talked about his going to St. Louis later this week to see the Rockies play the Cardinals. Our conversation even extended to where I related having been to the "shivery" at the time his father remarried following his mother's death. Dean was only 3 at the time.  So these are some of the pleasures of an old man involved in many activities in a great home town. We topped the day off by having another small piece of that cherry pie and there is still a bit of pie for tomorrow.

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