Friday, August 5, 2011


. This picture was taken 25 years ago of some of the cousins from my Dad's side of the family. It was on the occasion of Aunt Anna's funeral. We had gathered after the funeral for lunch, social time and picture taking at Vivian & Eddy's home. The back row (l-r) is Dale, Vivian, Tony, Dick, Bob and Pat. Kneeling are Phil and George. We  had a "Cousins" dinner the night before at the Dandy Lion Restaurant that also included: Ted & Muffy, Merle & Jan and others. The funeral service was held on Saturday, July 12, 1986 at the Woods Bros. Chapel in Seward with burial at the rural Salem Church cemetery. Aunt Anna's son Richard officiated. Dick and Bob were identical twins and for years I was unable to tell them apart. As they got older, married and had different lifestyles, they took on more individual identities. My wife Elaine has done quite a bit of genealogy on my family and recently mailed some information to cousins. In today's mail was correspondence from second cousin Bob and his wife from Scottsdale, AZ. Bob is the son of Dick (with coat on in picture) who lives with his wife in Cedaredge, CO. It also included a picture of Bob, his wife Jerene and their family. While we have never met them, we enjoyed hearing from them, and Bob looks very much like his Dad did at that age.  This picture  is a reminder of the passage of time with Vivian, Bob & George having gone to their Eternal Reward. And, I look as old on the picture as I feel today after playing 18 holes of golf ( 84).

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