Sunday, August 28, 2011

Garland, NE

We drove over to Garland yesterday afternoon where an Auction was just "winding-up". I had left a bid on a power Kabota lawnmower with the crew doing the Auction and was pleased to find that I didn't get it. It is with a bit of nostalgia that  I look at Main Street and remember what it was back in the 1940's when I was in High School. Interestingly, the population of the village is 40% higher now than then but no longer the shopping center it once was plus the rural population has diminished.  Back in the 40's there were 2 grocery stores, a produce station (cream, eggs, etc.), barber shop, hardware store & lumber yard, 2 gas stations, garage for auto  repair, blacksmith shop, harness & shoe store, Massey-Harris dealer, a Doctor in residence, 2 taverns, 2 churches and a grain elevator.  The grain elevator is much larger now than then, there are still 2 taverns but are open only very limited hours; there is still one church and a very active American Legion Club. The Fire Department has also progressed considerably over the years. The Post Office is located in with a small grocery store and was not on the list released recently for possible closure. The consolidation of the school district with Seward some 25 years ago and the abandonment of the Rail Road a few years earlier had a profound effect on Garland. Lincoln is only 20 miles away and Seward about 10 where many residents are employed. The little Bank Building is being restored into a Village Museum. It went "broke" in the early 1930's and never reopened. Ironically, the Grandson of the President and owner of the Bank when it closed, has had a distinguished career with the World Bank and is now the CEO for the Bread for The World organization in New York City.

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