Saturday, August 20, 2011

Colorado Peaches & A Pretty Lady

Colorado Peaches are here in the Seward grocery stores. We will have to buy some of them but it's taken a bit of time to adjust to the price of $35.75/lug. We understand a lug weighs about 17-20 lbs. A bushel of peaches weighs about 48 lbs. The picture is of Elaine with some of her canning in the fall of 1952. We believe a bushel of Colorado peaches in those days cost about $5.95 and she often canned as many as 5 bushels. You can also see the Blue Plums, Pears, Green  Beans, Apple Sauce, Beets, Corn, Catsup, etc. that Elaine had canned. Her folks had a big garden which was the source of the vegetables. I carried a lunch pail in those days and a half-pint jar of Blue Plums along with 3 Summer Sausage sandwiches and an apple or banana was standard fare. I recall building these shelves mostly from used lumber. The one bright 2 by 4 may be all that I bought. This was the only room in the basement and was accessed by lifting a "cellar door" in the kitchen floor and going down the steps. But times have changed and so have we. Never-the-less, I think we will buy a lug of Colorado Peaches this coming Wednesday when Senior Citizens get a 5% discount.

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