Friday, August 26, 2011

Trees at Seward Country Club Golf Course

Here is another tree on the Seward Country Club Golf  Course that has succumbed to the Pine Bark Beetle. This tree is near the #8 Yellow/Red tee box. The trunk of the tree displays an image of a disgruntled golfer scrawling at you while approaching the tee box.  The tree will be taken out within the next few weeks but I have asked that they leave a 5-6' stump so the image remains. The image reminds one of the forest that Alice encountered in the Wizard of Oz. If this one could talk like those did, we might learn some new words since tee shots occasionally find their way to a small pond.
In addition to the Pine Bark Beetle damage, we also lost 2 of our 45 year old Black Hills Spruce trees that have served as 100 yard markers. They were blown over during two different wind storms within a period of about two week. Only 1 such marker tree remains from those planted for that purpose when the course was established back in the mid-sixties.  I planted this Blue Spruce tree 11 years ago. It is one of the most attractive trees on the course but as shown, it has been infested with Bag Worms. I talked to the Groundskeeper about spraying it, but after further research, am afraid it's too late in the season for that. Plan B is to pick them off and destroy them since the little pods are where the female lays the eggs that will develop into worms next spring. The worms then feed on the foliage of the tree. That is the time of year the tree needs to be sprayed if they are to be controlled chemically.

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