Thursday, August 18, 2011


Our hanging basket of Impatience is doing well as long as we keep it watered. The pot contains very little soil and the material used is very light and dries out quickly. It's good for older people to have plants like this one to encourage exercise. Elaine is quite vigilant in it's care and mixes-up a solution of  Miracle-grow to put on all the annual plants periodically. After climbing up the ladder to pick bag worms off our Blue Spruce tree this morning, we gave up and called the Nursery to spray the tree. I have been up high on the 18' latter 4-5 times this summer but recognized that there were several up higher than my reach. The tree is a good 25+ feet high and there are several near the top. This morning I checked our Spruce tree at the Golf Course and found many more bag worms. There appeared to be more today than yesterday when I mentioned them to Dan and he indicated he would spray it. All of this yard work is good exercise but there comes a time when an old man needs to use some good judgment about climbing too high on a ladder. (As well as doing a few other things.)

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