Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back Yard Crows Nest

This is the view we see of the back yard from our kitchen table. It certainly looks more peaceful and stable than the TV pictures we are seeing of the earthquake this afternoon. The epic center at Mineral, VA. is between Richmond and the Washington, D.C. area. We haven't had any contact with our sons who live in Richmond and at Burke, VA. This has not been a slow news day with hurricane Irene, the situation in Libya, etc.                      
Our backyard continues to be a source of pleasure and exercise. The only thing inside our fence in the picture that was here when we moved in is the clothes line. Everything you see is the result of our work over the years. We have always thought that good fences are necessary for good neighbor  relationships. Our tomato plants that grow up against the deck have been slow in producing this summer. The vining Black Eyed Susan has been very aggressive and continues to bloom profusely. The old Black Crow is right at home watching over everything in this "Crows nest".

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