Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chinese Buffet and Mongolian Grill

We  met brother Don and wife Gladys this noon at the Chinese Buffet and Mongolian Grill in Lincoln. The food was delicious and the variety of selection unbelievable. The grill area was most interesting. There most have been over 20 choices of meats, fruit, etc. that could be taken to the grill to be cooked. The grill is about 6' in diameter with a disposal well in the center. The Chef spreads the individual choices on a portion of the grill, separated by his cooking tools. It took 4-5 minutes for it to be finished and was topped with cashew nuts. After finishing that, the Buffet had excellent choices of very tasty Chinese food. I did get my plate cleaned up when Don went back to the dessert section and brought me a cream puff and ice cream like he was eating. We visited for a while, came home, took a nap, and had very little to eat for supper. My Fortune Cookie told me that I need to get organized.

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