Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seward County Fair 2011

Elaine and I went to the Seward County Fair this afternoon and had a great time. Our Fair Board does a fantastic job in putting together a great mix of exhibits, food, entertainment, displays that appeal to all age groups. Much of what we enjoyed this afternoon involved refreshing memories while visiting with old friends and being able to visit with new friends about "how things were". The young lady pictured with Elaine in front of the restored 4-H Cottage was most interested in hearing Elaine tell about how she would register 4-H campers in the building while working with the County Extension Service. Campers included former U. S. Congressman Doug Bereuter

 I had to stand on this old CC Case to refresh my memory of how short the tractor appears from that view without being able to see the front wheels protruding out in front. It brought back the memory of my driving one just like it pulling a converted two-row Lister planting corn. The tractor had just been delivered when I took it out in a field just east of our house with Vivian riding the Lister to raise and lower it as we turned around at the edge of the field. Unfortunately, at the end of our first pass across the field, I didn't recon for the front wheel protrusion and took out a fence post. We got that straightened out and continued planting. Dad was more concerned about our crooked rows than he was the fence. We fixed the fence but the crooked rows were there all summer
There is something about music that sharpens the memory and takes one back to the happy times that it reflects. That was the case with the Accordion Jamboree. This group under the leadership of Jim and his daughter Jean play the same old Bohemian songs that my Dad played on his accordion. And, that Elaine and I danced to in Bee and Dwight during our courtship. We were able to hear one of our friends sitting behind us, singing along on  some of the songs. He has had memory problems for some time but the music took him back to earlier times and he was thoroughly enjoying every minute of it, as did we.  Elmer on the tuba and Ed on the drums set the set the beat but the glances and smiles between Jim and Jean reflected the father-daughter love of music and for each other.

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