Thursday, August 4, 2011

Golf at the SCC

With Tiger Woods back playing on the PGA tour, it seems timely to write about golf. I certainly don't want to even think about the stock market with the DOW down 512 points. Tiger finished the day at the Firestone Country Club in Akron, OH at -2.  Adam Scott leads at -8 but it's good to see Tiger back. Now for the local scene. Here is the layout for the Seward Country Club's 9-hole course. From the Black tees it plays 3,276 yards, White tees 3,125 yards, 2,614 from the Yellows and 2,431 from the Reds. The men's Senior League has played from the Yellow's for a number of years and that is where my partners and I play. I recorded my 9-hole score this morning for the one-hundred and first round this year. I only record the 9-hole score though often we play an extra 3. Out of curiosity, I checked back on previous years and found I was at 100  (9's) a year ago on this date;110 in 2009; and, only 92 in 2008. However, August 4, 2008 was the 14th consecutive day that I had played at least 9 holes when I went on to play 91 consecutive days. The "streak" ended on October 20 when it rained the next day. While some of my buddies talk about how much further they could drive the ball in their younger years, I have not had that experience since I didn't start playing until reaching  Senior status. I never was that good but am as good now as I have ever been (playing golf, that is). It is good exercise and the "Golf Gods" keep us humble. 

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