Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Golfing on an Anniversary

Carolyn took this picture at the golf course this morning as she "caddied" for me. The Spruce tree behind the cart is one I planted 11 years ago to honor the memory of one of my golfing buddies. It was only about 18 inches high at the time of transplanting it from our back yard. We had grown it from a single stem seedling in our garden. It was a pleasure for Carolyn to be out with me on a beautiful morning. This is the second day of school here in Seward and the first year of her retirement as a teacher. It's great that we can now do these type of things. We decided to call Elaine who met us at the Country Club for lunch when we finished the 9-hole round. We did this in  celebration of the anniversary of Verlon's (our oldest son) birthday & our becoming parents. We visited with him back in Virginia this afternoon and talked about the possibilities of his coming back for a visit in September.

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