Monday, August 22, 2011


Who among us doesn't have a collection of something. And, why do we have them. Pictured here is part of my collection of model cars and tractors. I haven't added to it in the past couple years and for a while, was buying and selling items that fit into the collection through eBay. Last Saturday an Auction was held in Seward by people who seemed to have collected everything that was a bargain to buy. They had a tremendous amount of household and collectible items. People were carrying out boxes of things they had bought for $1.00. It reminded me that we go though a stage in life of collecting and then of dispersing. If we don't do it, someone else will have the task. We have been through that once and it isn't easy. Disposing of things may be more difficult than collecting if one is thinking investment. (I have saved all the boxes that they came in). Fortunately, we have an Et-Cetra Gift and Thrift Shop here in Seward to facilitate the process. It is operated largely by volunteers and the profit goes to a good cause. Several of the cars and tractors shown here in this collection are models of ones that we either had or wished we had. Some of them were brought home from foreign trips and provide special memories. In reality, I guess that is what collections are all about. First the challenge of acquiring memorable items and then the memories associated with them. It would seem that we wouldn't really need so many of any one thing as the people who had the Auction. But it's like the number of fancy automobiles that some celebrities collect. I wonder if there is any comparison with some of the sects that practice polygamy.

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