Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Early '70's Styles

We were probably on our way to Church when this picture was taken back in the early 70's. It it wasn't for Elaine wearing gloves and a hat, we could have been going to work. I don't remember how I was able to tie those narrow neckties that were popular for only a short time. Men's dress in those days was very conservative so the width of ties was something that changed. White shirts and dark business suits were the "uniform of the day" during the early years that we worked in Washington, D.C. As time went on, suits began to get lighter and blue shirts became "acceptable". While we took off our suit coats to work, we never went out of our office in the USDA South Building without putting them on. A few years later, Blue or Black Blazers with Gray trousers became popular for regular business work. Looking back, it seems to have been rather foolish but in a way it was out of respect to our fellow workers and to our job. I don't know where we are headed with the informality we see in business settings today. It would seem that it should promote comradely and improved communication. But I wonder if it may contribute to the lack of respect of adversaries that is demonstrated in our U. S. Congress, even while wearing dark suits and white shirts.

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