Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

Excitement continues to build in our area, as more and more events are being announced for the August 21 solar eclipse. Concordia has said that their athletic field and bleachers will be available to the public with our City Library and others announcing their program. Verlon scheduled his "home maintenance visit" this summer to be back here at the time it takes place. We are to have over a minute of total "blackout" here in Seward with it increasing to just over 2 minutes in the center of the path which is just beyond the SW corner of Seward County. Verlon would like to get to a native prairie or some isolated place to observe. I'm assuming the City will be able to keep the street lights from coming on as they normally do as daylight fades. We had ordered special glasses which will be important. Elaine and I would probably be happy just to see it all from our front porch on backdoor deck, but will be willing to ride along if a more desirable place is found.

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