Thursday, June 29, 2017

Heather visiting burial site of Princess Prairie Flower and Others.

We got Heather down to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery this afternoon to see the monument that has been established to recognize the burial of Chief Standing Bear's daughter, Princess Prairie Flower and some of her family . She had bought the book, "I Am a Man" here locally and wanted to learn more about it. The 20 year old Princess died of Tuberculosis and some of their tribal children and others died as the Poncas migrated from their native lands in Dakota crossing to the reservation that had been established in Oklahoma. The tribe followed the Big Blue River through Seward County, Nebraska. When the Princess and many members of her family became ill and died en route, they were buried in the northwest corner of the established Ruby Mount Pleasant Cemetery in the Potter's Field portion in unmarked graves. Local citizens were recently responsible for erecting the Monument. Some members of the tribe have walked part of the route this summer with spending some time in Seward and Milford. They also helped with unveiling the State of Nebraska Historic Site sign located at the nearby I-80 rest stop.

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