Sunday, June 4, 2017

Evolving times, relationships and Anniversary

I came across this picture that prompts several stories. The first is the affection shown by the body positioning, the second is the way I was expected to dress for "everyday" work at the office. This was a few years before we started wearing blue shirts occasionally. Carolyn may have a story about the picture that could possibly include the VW. It was one of the best investments we ever made which enabled each of the 4 kids to have a vehicle to drive occasionally. All 4 of them took "Driver Training" in HS. Another story involves the "bramble" along the fence between us and our neighbors. It was from about this area in the fence line that I "fashioned" my walking cane. In fact, the one little limb at the extreme left of the picture, could be part of it. Walking with the cane is very critical to my stability these days though the only reason I "made" it 40 years ago was to ward off dogs when I went out walking. The biggest story prompted by the picture is how important family members are to each other. We go through the years and stages as these relationships evolve. Last year it was difficult for me to see someone else mowing our lawn but this year; I not only accept but welcome it. We have really appreciated Carolyn taking us to Doctor's appointments and my eye surgery in Lincoln recently and the many other things she does for us.
Tomorrow will be the 68th Anniversary of Elaine and my Wedding. It's been a good run. This relationship has also evolved from the early years when we were so important to each other to these later years when we are even more dependent on each other for nearly everything we do.  We were most pleased when Jan came over a few minutes for our Anniversary. We are most appreciative of Jan and Chuck honoring us in this manner. I plan to go to Coffee tomorrow  morning and to Kiwanis at noon, but am open for what ever may happen later in the day. I will drop a dollar in the Good News basket and announce our anniversary. One of our special anniversary celebrations was in 1997 while on our European tour with Carolyn and Julie, Our Tour Leader hosted us at a special dinner in Rome.

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