Friday, June 30, 2017

Jon and His Mandolin

A bit of explanation might be necessary here. I received a "new" mandolin for Father's Day and have put together an acceptable song list of the Civil War and Irish Folk Song genre.

In the absence of a band, I have to play solo, but in this instance, I located a small group of musicians that played a beautiful rendition of "Midnight on the Water." Same key so I played along and solo'ed at the right times.

Music is a love and a passion, passed down to me from both of my parents as well as many friends. I have early memories of my Dad playing the Hawaiian guitar. But not to stop there, my dad and I have enjoyed many hours signing numbers as members of the Seward Kitones. Enjoyed all the times, except for that trip back from performing in Omaha where he and I spent the good part of a very snowy night sitting and sleeping on a case of beer in a gas station, but then again, that is another story for another day.

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