Monday, June 26, 2017

Birthday Visits Continue

Pat Coldiron provided the program today at the Kiwanis meeting. Pat is the owner-operator of Liberty House Bed and Breakfast here is Seward and is also leading "Tall Grass Prairie Tours" in the County this summer. She was the long-time Director of the Seward Chamber of Commerce and has a deep appreciation of historic sites and events here in Seward County. Though not a native of Seward County, she has read widely, developed close relationships with many of the "Old Timers" and worked on  personal histories to broaden her knowledge of the County and City. I took Jon along where he was able to see many friends from his being a member of the Club and singing with the Kitones when they lived here during the 1990-'96 time frame. 
Mr friend Charlie came down during the afternoon to bring me Birthday wishes. He and I played golf together for several years before "hanging it up".  While we often played as a 4-some with a couple other friends, just the two of us played hundreds of 9-hole rounds. It's amazing what two old men who are close to the same age, can find to talk about while riding in a cart at a Golf Course. We played every month of the year on several occasions.  Once in a while Ken even played with us. Charlie and I still have a lot to talk about since we seem to see many things from the same perspective.

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