Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Happy Father's Day

We had a busy and enjoyable Fathers Day. The weather was a "top 10 day" which added to the pleasures. We were up early and got to 8:15 Church where we learned about Abraham and Sarah having Isaac in their old age.  There was acknowledgements by several of the Church members of having taken classes at UN-L taught by Elaine's brother Dale. Mention was made of his Memorial Service in Lincoln on July 7th. 
Carolyn stopped by with  a card for a  "Special Dad and Father-in-law" from both she and Ben. We had a good visit. During the day I received phone calls from our three boys. Jon and a couple of his fellow USDA workers will be flying out to Lincoln tomorrow for activities here in Lincoln this week.  Verlon called from Richmond, VA to wish us well and bring us up to date on some of his activities. We look forward to his being out later in the summer to witness the eclipse. Tim called later and was pleased to tell us of their son Tony having won an Emmy from The National Academy of Television Lower Great Lakes Chapter for his work at WTTV, in Indianapolis
as producer.
We were invited out to Owenses for ice cream after supper. Sadie and Jack ate at their own little table on the back porch where Ben, Carolyn, Julie, John, Elaine and I enjoyed the treat. Some of us moved to the Patio and back yard after the ice cream was finished. There were even some ripe Mulberries gathered from a tree along the fence line out by their shed. The kids gave Elaine a good workout. She enjoyed finding a place to set down. I just enjoyed my view of the neighborhood on a beautiful evening

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