Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pictures over Time

The little windows at the top of the dome of the Seward County Courthouse are closed in this picture, but there was a time when they could be opened. In 1952 I was officed in the building as part of an agreement with the local Soil Conservation District, the County and the Soil Conservation Service (SCS). I also sang in a church quartet with the County Judge whose duties included maintenance of the chimes in the Courthouse dome. One day in early 1952, he invited me to accompany him to the dome. With camera in my pocket, I climbed the ladder up to the level of the little windows where I was able to take 35mm Kodachrome slide pictures in all 4 directions around the City Square. In 2003, a friend and I got permission and repeated the feat of 51years earlier. The flag had been moved to a lower level of the building and the dome reinforced  to prevent the kind of damage that had been caused by the flags vibration. The reinforcement made getting to the windows much more difficult but was again able to get pictures around the square. Here is a portions of the north side of the square in '52 and again in '03. 

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