Friday, June 2, 2017

Seward Magazine Club

We again closed out our Magazine Club year by meeting at the lake side place of one of our couples. It's some 50+ miles NW of Seward next to the Platte River. We had the privilege of riding in a BMW as we car-pooled from Seward. This is a great time of year to make such a drive. The country side was just beautiful with corn and soybeans off to a great start. There is very little wheat grown along the route, but it is beginning to turn color. The first cutting of alfalfa has been abundant. The countryside  looked great but the small towns that we went through look very tidy as well. We have an excellent committee that plans our "end of year outing" and were treated this year to a "Cream Can Supper".
 It so just happened that the fellow on the committee that fixed the special dinner, had a birthday, so he was plesantly surprised with an exceptionally great Birthday Cake. He endured our singing the birthday wishes as we shared the cake. We have had 2 new couples in our Club and an event like this provided a great opportunity for getting better acquainted. The group represents a wide range of professions and interest. While we didn't have any "Magazine reports" last night, the varied professions and interest of members,  tend to make our regular meetings most interesting. Some, like me, tend to report on items they feel most comfortable with which are often from their profession.

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