Friday, June 9, 2017

A House to the Country

We had excitement in our neighborhood this week as a large, old house was moved past our home and to a location NW of Seward. There are many people involved is such a move, starting with the tree trimming that was done along the route, movement of utility lines, to police officers regulating traffic on a section of State Highway which was part of the route to the new location. County and City police were also involved in the process. The house is apparently 100 years old but still a very sturdy structure.  The peak of the roof and front porch had been removed as part of the preparation. I heard that the folks who bought the house and having it moved, actually tore off a lot of the old plaster to meet the weight limitations on one of the country road bridges that it passed over. With people like that involved, I'm sure this will turnout to be a success and a lovely country home.
This is the way the back side of the house looked as it went on past our house.  Elaine and I drove out a few miles northwest of Seward this afternoon to look at the new location. It is in an area with several other homes located on a few acres. I was on the County Planning Commission some years ago, at the time this area was approved for such "development". And, must admit that as a Soil and Water Conservationist,  I wasn't in favor. 

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