Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Good Day

We took our "stuff" down to the City Recycle Center this morning and have never been greeted with a more helpful crew. I didn't catch the name of the organization they represented but they were great. Granted, we were the only customers there at about 9:30, but the young man hopped down from the dock and unloaded the trunk.  He even volunteered to take care of the cardboard which is carried over to another spot. I served as a volunteer at the Center with Kiwanis crews many times in past years, so really appreciate what this crew did for us today; all I had to do was push the button to open the trunk. Elaine didn't even have to do that much since she normally takes care of the cardboard. Today's special service may have spoiled us.
Our next stop this morning was at the Beauty Shop where Elaine got a cut and permanent. I understand the service was excellent there as well but it came with a cost.  Our daughter has convinced Elaine that she can afford to go to her weekly appointment. Carolyn followed us home when I picked up Elaine and came in to visit for a while. We always appreciate reports on her many interesting activities including time spent with Sadie and Jack. 
We had short after-lunch naps and went to Walmart where we got some groceries including a  chicken. That became the basis for our supper along with fresh green beans. It has been a very nice day though we did get our AC tuned on yesterday and appreciated being able to walk into a cool house when we got home.

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