Thursday, June 8, 2017

An Eventful Day

When you are celebrating a 68th wedding anniversary, it isn't sufficient to limit it to the very day. But rather, continue to appreciate and enjoy it for a few extra. That is what we did today by having our traditional lunch at Olive Garden in Lincoln. And, having our usual, soup, salad, and bread stick special. We cleaned up the salad bowl and each had our 2nd bowl of soup. Elaine mentioned our anniversary to the waitress and she brought us a big piece of chocolate cheesecake which we enjoyed at supper with ice cream. It was a great celebration.
We began the day by being interviewed by Jill Martin with the Seward Independent in regard to the Seward County Community Service Award.  I went to coffee and got home early when we decided to go to Lincoln. My Mac Laptop has served me well since 1/4/10 but wanted to have it checked out, we also had some things to pick up at Super Saver. The lunch was the highlight of our trip since they were unable to do what I had hoped for on the Computer.  I mistakenly left my walking cane on the shopping cart at Super Saver and didn't miss it til we got home. I learned through a quick phone call that it had been turned in,  and Carolyn took me down to get it. I was greatly relieved to have it back.  
Jon and Verlon both called during the course of the evening. Jon will be coming in about 10 days; so we talked about all the things he and his family want to do while they are here. Verlon says he reads the blog every morning and was checking his memory against mine of things that happened many years ago. We both agreed on what some of the great times we had when the kids were growing up and none of us appreciated them at the time as much as we enjoy looking back on them. We were so busy, I saw very little of the Comey Hearing.

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