Saturday, June 17, 2017

Garland High School Alumni Reunion Luncheon

We attended the Garland High School Alumni Luncheon this noon at the American Legion Club in Garland. This marks the 51st year since the school graduated its last Senior Class. The High School has been closed now for several more years than what it was in existence. This is our first year for meeting as a luncheon after years as an evening banquet. Our invitation this year included a Cartoon showing the Plugger opening an invitation with the caption,"You know you're a plugger when your high school reunion invitation announces a luncheon rather than the usual dinner dance."
It was still a great reunion and we were able to visit with many old friends.  I am the only one left from my class. There were a few "reports" from members of the 50, 60  and 70 Honor Classes. It is commendable that the loyalty is still strong enough to have over 60 people turn out for the event with Officers already named to "head-up " next years luncheon. 
We haven't taken it as an "omen" but as we drove over on a gravel road, we scared up a pair of Turkey Vultures that had cleaned up something on the road. As we came back they were still in the same spot but flew over to the nearby dead trees so we stopped and took this picture. My brother Don and I have appeared on many pictures but believe this is the first from this angle. The back of my head is on the left and Don on the right at this first table. Eldon, VP is at the podium and did a great job serving as MC when President Pat was unable to attend.

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