Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow will mark the 88th anniversary of this picture.  It was taken at our home next to the railroad track at the west end of Moffitt street. (now a part of Hughes Bros. storage yard) The guest at the party included neighbor kids as well as Aunts, Uncle Ralph, sister Vivian and Aunt Ethel holding brother Don and cousins. Dad would have taken the picture with his "fold-out" Kodak camera. As I remember, it was a nice party of playing games, taking pictures and eating birthday cake. It may have been soon after reaching this milestone that I got my first pair of long pants. It was about 20 months after this event that we moved out to the farm north of Garland when Dad was raised. As a "town-kid", I found it one of the most traumatic moves that I (we) every made.  Yet, it was one of the best things that could have happened.
The acknowledgement of my age  is the first time that it has been revealed on "The Crow's Nest". There are times in a person's life that appearing older than actual may be a benefit, like when I was 15 and passed for 16 in getting a job. The opposite may be true as one gets older. The age of life-expectancy has certainly been extended but I don't know if 70 is the new 60. One of the Doctors that comes out from Lincoln to see Seward customers said recently, that when he started coming out 20 years ago, he many see one 90 year old among his patients and now he sees 4-5 on most visits. This factor probably has more of an impact on our Health Insurance problems than what is recognized. I (we) have been very fortunate during these many years.

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