Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dr. Dale Flowerday

( I had this written last evening when the call came that Dale had died. We have since received a call from Marlene's daughter who is working on arrangements. One of Dale's boys and his wife are in Europe, so a Memorial Service is being considered in Lincoln in July. )
This picture was taken a few years ago when son Verlon was back from Richmond, VA for our annual Home Maintenance.  Elaine's brother Dale stopped by on his way back to Lincoln after working out-state with farmers on crop insurance issues. Dale had top honors and scholarships graduating from Seward High School and went on to get his BS, MS and PhD from the UN-L. His education was interrupted with Army service during the Korean War. Early in his educational pursuit he married and had 4 sons. He served as a UNL Agronomy Professor for a number of years where he received many honors including being singled out for recognition from among those listed in the Nebraska Hall of Agriculture Achievement. He took advantage of an opportunity to work for the Pioneer Corn, Inc. of Des Moines, IA after several years with the University. His work with Pioneer enabled him to remain living in Lincoln where his wife was stricken with Parkinson's Disease and passed on following several years of declining health. He went from Pioneer to working as a private consultant and often serving as an expert witness in legal disputes. He remarried Marlene with whom he became acquainted during Alice's hospitalization. She had family in Lincoln with whom they made their home. As his health declined, he gave up consulting and physical activity. He and Marlene moved to Murfreesboro, TN a couple years ago  when the family with whom they had been living, were transferred to that area. Dale had serious internal health problems a year ago and had a stroke on April 14th which paralyzed one side. He has spent time in therapy but recently has had another stroke. He was moved to a Comfort Care facility and certainly in need of our thoughts and prayers. As I wrote the last sentence, the phone rang and Marlene indicated that Dale died an hour ago. (6:30pm 6/10/17)

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