Sunday, June 25, 2017

Number 92 in the Book

Today has been a very busy birthday. Jon has his mandolin along and enjoys playing Civil War songs and singing. We enjoyed listening. We haven't seen it yet but believe he also brought along an "outfit" of clothes that he wears for some of his Civil War "re-enactment". My guess is that he may "dress up" and play the mandolin on a street corner as part of the Seward 4th of July celebration. We have kept the button accordion here that we bought a year or two ago, that Jon plays whenever he's here. Last 4th of July he played it as part of the Auto Show. He has already had an invitation to set in and play at one of the Care Centers here with a group. 
We had all of our Seward family here as well as  other guest during the course of the afternoon. Sadie and Jack are always the center of attention when here. I also had phone calls from Verlon and Tim, Brother Don and Sister Janice. Carolyn had put a picture on Facebook early this morning that attracted many comments. Then, Jon "power-pointed" the 68 year old picture of me into a modern setting which attracted even more comments. This evening we went to the City Band Concert at the Band Shell.  When the Conductor asked about Birthdays and Anniversaries, Jon spoke up and revealed the truth. He had already acknowledged being from Washington, D.C. when the question was asked earlier about out of town guests. It was a good celebration, and I appreciate all the well-wishes and comments.

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