Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fourth of July Kick-Off in Seward

The Kick-Off for the Seward Sesquicentennial and 4th of July celebration was held last night at the Bottle Rocket Brewery. Clark Kolterman MC'd the event and did his usual great job. Lance Schwartz from Channel 10/11 was out from Lincoln to do some filming and interviewing. The Kitones sang as did a chorus of young voices. Announcements were made in regard to the Chautauqua on June 15-18 here in Seward and several people and groups were recognized for contributing to Seward's Tourism activity. The  3 "While I like living in Seward" essay  winners read their messages to the delight of the audience. It was a bit nostalgic since it was at this event a year ago, when I sang with the Kitones for the last time. 
Carolyn had made sure that we had this event on our schedule since it appeared that John may be getting some recognition. She and Ben picked us up and dropped us off at the door. John and Julie already had places saved for us. The final item of the evening was the announcement of the Seward County Community Service Award. This is a prestigious award with nominations and ranking by citizens from across the County. Clark announced that the winner this year was from Garland. That really caught my interest in wondering who that may be. Then he went on to say it was "Tony Vrana". I about fell off my chair but was able to announce my having spent the first 7 years of my life in Seward and have came  back twice to spend 47 more. It is a great honor for which I am very appreciative.  Elaine and I are shown here with Roger Glawitz, Chair of the Seward County Commissioners and Jean Kolterman, first winner of this Award in 1971.

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