Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Soil and Water Conservation

This soil conservation picture is at a prominent place among my honors, etc. in my office. It shows the farm where my folks lived and were recognized as operators of the 1969, Seward County, Soil Conservation Farm of the year. Dad was a very good farmer and very patient in farming on the contour between the gradient terraces.. His first experience of farming with terraces and grassed waterways was when I started working for the Soil Conservation Service in the spring of 1948. At the time of my parents receiving this award, Dad would have been in his early 70's.  They retired a few years later and  parting with some 35 head of Polled Herford cattle was Dad's most difficult decision.. They were sold at public auction and fortunately, bought by one individual who lived near Syracuse. With Don and Gladys living in Syracuse, it was convenient for them to stop by and see the old herd as they  visited family. Dad and Mother had a  number of years of very enjoyable retirement here in Seward, but when stricken by acute Leukemia at he age of 93, this picture went with him to the care center. Our youngest son Jon, is out from Washington, D.C. this week to be involved in a symposium at the UNL Innovation Campus Center,  that  along with Partnership Development, will recognize SCS's  first Chief, Hugh Hammond Bennett. Our family has been involved in Soil and Water Conservation for many years, and it continues to be a High National Priority.

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