Thursday, June 18, 2015

VCR tapes

I got into our bookshelves of VCR tapes this afternoon, in the continuing efforts to reduce our amount of “stuff”’.  Many people using computers, smart phones, etc. today, have probably never had a VCR player or tape. Our collection was largely built during the ’90’s and first few years of the “10’s”. We had a VCR camera and used it on several foreign trips as well as for “special events”. Fortunately, we also had other cameras to take “still shots” along the way. We purchased a converter some years ago,  in an attempt to get some of the material transferred over to a DVDs but it has never been very successful. We are able to view them on our TV by using the camera as a projector and connecting direct. We have some “classic movies” along with our personal collection of pictures. Our tapes include a considerable amount of Duke basketball and Nebraska football that we recorded directly from the TV. Fortunately, we still have an old RCA TV in our family room in the basement that plays them very well. We have kept these with the thoughts of enjoying them when we got older and not interested in doing much of anything else. As we tossed a few in the garbage today, I’m beginning to wonder when that time may come or if maybe time has just passed them by. 

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