Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jack Edward

Jack spent some time with Elaine and I today. I hope he enjoys these visits half as much as we do, and in reality, he seems to. His immediate challenge is getting his “hind wheels” coordinated with his arms so that he can crawl. He did get up on his knees but just didn’t get it all put together. He has such an innocent looking face that it’s hard to imagine him every being anything other than a “good boy”. The relationship between he and his big sister Sadie, reminds me of my sister Vivian and I, as kids. There is nothing like an older sister to keep you “in line” when you want to “test your wings”. 
Sadie gives every impression of being up to whatever task that may be assigned to her. She is more affectionate around him than what she is around us. She and her Grandmother Carolyn are very close and Grandpa Ben isn’t far behind. Our time today with Jack was our play time, but I did spend nearly 2 hours this afternoon working out in the yard. I did the weed eater  trim around the edges of the lawn and got the underground sprinklers turned on for the first time this summer. They will need some adjustment but basically worked good. Our yard has changed so much since the sprinklers were installed that it is amazing that they work as well as they do. We like most people have made more plantings than necessary. 

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