Friday, June 5, 2015

“66” and Counting

“66" and counting. The Owens family and Carolyn joined us this evening for an Anniversary Dinner at the Seward Country Club. It was great to have the Great-Grandchildren with us to help celebrate. It was interesting to brief John on some of the Wedding details of so many years  ago, and was even neater to have Sadie and Jack there representing the future. "Nate’s on the Nine" serve a good prime rib and provided a piece of complementary Cheese Cake for us to enjoy after getting home. We had a great Anniversary with calls and messages from several family members and friends, as well as from the lady who calls
nearly daily “with very important information on our credit card account”. We have not moved into the 21 century with “caller ID” and having reported it on the “Do Not Call List” as well as pushing all the buttons to stop calls, hasn’t stopped her calls. Jack is at the stage where he seems to change every time we see him. He sits up by himself on a blanket and reaches for toys to play with. He likes to suck his thumb and even got his toe in his mouth this evening. I like to think that he has some of my genes that went into his big hands. He does look more like Julie did as a baby than has Sadie. When Carolyn called to say that Julie had arrived, she said: “Dad, she’s got big hands, big feet and big ears. She looks just like you”. I was honored and she has matured into a beautiful young lady and Mother. 

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