Sunday, June 7, 2015

Old Glory

We were among the guests of the Cattle National Bank and Trust this afternoon, for the Goehner Centennial Players presentation at the Olde Glory Theater here in Seward. The Melodrama, “Egad! The Woman in White” featured local actors who displayed exceptional talent. This is the second year for the Director Patrick Runyan to present 14 performances in this venue; the former Presbyterian Church. Significant improvements have been made in the facility including additional rest rooms, lighting, scenery, sound system, etc. It was a very professional presentation. The popcorn and soda provided at intermission was also appreciated. The amount of work that is done by the stage crew, actors, musicians, and the many, many people involved is amazing. In addition to the scholarships and other assistance provided to others, from the revenue produced; I hope  the people involved get tremendous satisfaction from what they are doing. And, develop lasting friendships with all the people involved in this community activity. 

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