Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Little Family

Carolyn posted this picture this morning on Face book and it generated comments throughout the day. It took me to my old Diary in an attempt to identify the specific date which I was unable to do. I was able to do as son Jon (he was the baby) did in recognizing that the calendar above the stove is turned to December. Jon’s birthday was November 22, 1954 so we are assuming that the picture was taken in late December of that year. There has been speculation on what upset Carolyn and it could have been any number of things. Tim was on his Dad’s lap and had his thumb so was content. Verlon was obviously amused at all of the activity. We lived in this little house from the spring of ’51 till March of ’55. Tim, Carolyn and  Jon were all born during that time. Jon questioned today  why the stove wasn’t moved to cover the extension cord. What he didn’t know is that the only access to our “fruit cellar” in the basement was by lifting up part of the kitchen floor that was the cellar door and walking down the steps to the basement. Had the stove been moved further toward the window, it would have been on top of the door. This house has been listed for sale on Seward Swap recently. It was built following the 1913 tornado which destroyed many homes in Seward.  It was my parents first home after they got married in 1920 as well as Elaine and my first house. It was not fancy but where we began a lifestyle of always  “living within our means” which we have continued.

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