Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seward Kiwanis Kitones-1995

This was the 1995 version of the Seward Kiwanis Kitones. There are only 5 of those on this picture that are still singing with the group. This was an enjoyable bunch that included Jon, our youngest son, who lived in Seward with his family at that time, and was headquartered in Lincoln with the Soil Conservation Service. It was one of the last years that Harry Gieselman led the group and his wife Lois served as accompanist. This is basically that group that sang at the Kiwanis International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Harry was a friend of the Director of the Mormon Choir so we had an opportunity to set-in on one of their practices and attend their Sunday Morning radio broadcast from the Tabernacle. Several of us also had an interesting experience trying to get home in a blizzard after singing in Omaha. Jon and I spent the night in the Woodlawn Filling Station on this side of Lincoln and were able to get home the next morning. It is events like that that builds camaraderie among the group. We not only enjoy singing but have a lot of respect for each other. Our group was larger that sang at Heartland Care Facility last evening but not necessarily better than this 1995 group. 

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