Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fred F. Hromas 1926-2015 RIP

Fred F. Hromas, 89 died last week with his funeral being held in Ulysses tomorrow morning. We went through several years of Country School at District 13 in Seward County, north of Garland. We also spent 3 years car pooling to Garland High School. My Mother’s youngest brother Ralph spent time with us helping Dad cut wood which he sold to people in town during the late 30’s. It was during that time that Ralph met Fred’s older sister, Christina. They married, had a nice family and had a successful “storm window, gutter” business in Lincoln. Fred and his wife were well know as successful farmers in the Ulysses area and people who loved to dance the Polkas. Fred always enjoyed fine automobiles and has driven Cadillacs for the past many years. There was a time when Fred talked about the ideal color for a fine car was “dark black”. It was rather common practice to “coast” down the Ridge Road on our way home from school. I had reason to get home early one night when Fred insisted on coasting. I told him that I could run faster than what we were moving; so I “bailed out”. Needless to say, I got a mouthful of gravel, dusted myself off and was happy to ride the rest of the way home. I had a good visit with Fred a year ago at Christmas time at Christina’s funeral in Lincoln. We had an opportunity to recall many old “stories”. It’s great to be able to grow old in a community with people with whom you were young. 

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