Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Anne Bremer at Seward Senior Center

Anne Bremer sang and entertained at the Seward Senior Center Birthday Dinner today.  Mrs. Bremer is from Lincoln and has worked in various care facilities where she “honed” her entertainment skills to go along with her beautiful voice. Her electronic equipment enabled her to call up orchestra accompaniment for any of the songs on her program. She “featured” show tunes from the ’50’s and ’60’s but mixed in a bit of Country Western and Jeanie Riley’s, “Harper Valley PTA”. She put on a good show but didn’t recognize how her “soothing voice” would effect many of the audience who were accustomed to having a nap after lunch. She finished with, “Over the Rainbow” which was a request, and did it very well. I visited with her afterwards and learned that she knows my

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