Monday, June 29, 2015

Hughes Brothers and My Birthplace

Our Kiwanis Club met this noon down at the Hughes Brothers Plant and enjoyed a briefing and tour of the facilities. Chantalle Denker served as host and provided information on the Plant’s history and led the tour. She serves as Human Relations Director in the position that our Son-in-law, Ben once held. Pictured here are the 4 Hughes Brothers who were the Founders; they are: John R. , H. Burr, Ted R. and Ben H. Hughes. The Plant is now in it’s 3rd generation of management.  The Plant has completed over 90 years of successful business in providing wooden transmission line equipment and in recent years have added fibreglass to their wood and steel manufacturing facilities. They have provided employment for some 300 employees over the years. I also have a picture that was taken from the top of a grain elevator back in the mid ’20’s during the construction of their initial building at the current Plant site.
In addition to this picture showing the building under construction, it also shows the house that my parents owned and where Vivian, Don and I were born. The little insert picture is of our house, the toilet, and outbuildings. It all shows up on the lower construction one at the very top of the picture. By the time we moved to the farm, the plant was in full operation. Vivian and I usually walked past it on our way to school. The City Park was and still is across the railroad tracks to the west (left side of the picture). My folks sold the property to Hughes during WWII during which time they expanded considerably. The 6 lots we had are now a part of the storage area. 

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