Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Progress ??

Demolition continues in Seward as the Building that housed the Seward County Agricultural Extension Office for the past several years came down today. It was built on a County owned, City block that has long been the site of the County Jail. That facility is being expanded to a “Justice Center” necessitating the removal of the Extension building. The basic part of the building was a Behlen steel structure similar to what was used by US in early Atomic bomb test. As I began my career with USDA Soil Conservation 
Service, we parked our trucks in an old wooden building located on this very site. That building had been built for the CCC program back in the ’30’s and moved to Seward after WW II. The little house at the left edge of the picture, is across highway #34, and another point of interest to me. It was moved to its current location during the ’30’s from the City School Grounds. It was the Kindergarden building and where I spent my first year in school. A new elementary building was build the next year where I went to 1st grade until moving out to the old Vrana farm north of Garland. That “new” school building was demolished during the past year. With so many changes, it’s nice to have Peonies that stay the same, year after year.

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