Monday, June 8, 2015

Clematis in Bloom

We have had this Clematis vine, and another, at our entryway since we bought this house over 30 years ago. They hadn’t done as well during the past few years as in the past, but this year, the trend is being reversed. Our very wet, spring and early summer, may have had something to do with it, or possibly the mixed fertilizer I applied at the base of each plant last fall. It was probably both, but whatever the reason, we are enjoying them. Our temperature warmed up to 90 today and is forecast to be even warmer tomorrow. The humidity was down in the 40’s so that helped. We got our Air Conditioner turned on yesterday for the first time this summer which we appreciated last night and today. We are watching the Kansas City Royals vs Minnesota Twins baseball game since I got home from Kitone practice. The Royals invited several of the players' Dads to accompany the team to Minnesota. It has been most interesting as they have interviewed some of them between innings. And, a bit surprising as to how young they look (and are). 

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