Saturday, June 13, 2015

Nebraska Soil/Water Stewards

This picture was taken at a Governor Robert Kerrey News Conference in the State Capitol in the mid ’80’s. I was involved to provide details on a State Soil and Water Conservation Strategy that we were working on at the Natural Resources Commission. I don’t recall having ever seen the picture until a few weeks ago when Laurie sent it to me after cleaning out the files of the information fellow who had retired. We also announced at this news conference the recognition of “Nebraska Soil/Water Stewards” with a little lapel pen which I had designed.
These were paid for by contributions and distributed throughout the State by the Natural Resource Districts. I was able to present one to Dad at the time of my retirement from the Commission. He wore it very deservedly, the rest of his life. I also presented one to Lincoln's current Mayor Chris Beutler, who was on the Legislature’s Natural Resources Committee at the time. He too was very deserving of the recognition as were the hundreds across the State who received them . Many are still being worn. (They look better than the picture).

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